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Physics - Astronomy / Space Science - 09.12.2013
Recipe for a Universe
When soup is heated, it starts to boil. When time and space are heated, an expanding universe can emerge, without requiring anything like a "Big Bang". This phase transition between a boring empty space and an expanding universe containing mass has now been mathematically described by a research team at the Vienna University of Technology, together with colleagues from Harvard, the MIT and Edinburgh.

Astronomy / Space Science - Chemistry - 27.09.2013
Chronobiology: Not everything revolves around the sun
Researchers in Vienna shed light on the interplay of a worm's inner clocks For a long time, molecular chronobiology has almost exclusively focused on circadian rhythms that are driven by the changes of day and night and hence follow the daily cycle of the sun. However, especially in the sea, the cradle of evolution, organisms set their pace also according to the moon.

Astronomy / Space Science - Earth Sciences - 16.05.2013
Glaciers Contribute One Third to Sea Level Rise
Glaciers Contribute One Third to Sea Level Rise
Ninety-nine percent of all of Earth's land ice is locked up in the massive Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. However, over the period 2003 to 2009, the melting of the world's other land ice stored in glaciers contributed just as much to sea level rise as the two ice sheets combined. This is the result of a new study led by Alex Gardner from Clark University (USA), which has been published in the current issue of the journal Science.