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Environment - Innovation - 03.04.2023
Hidden Ice Melt in the Himalaya: Revealing the 'Invisible' Glacier Loss Underwater
Hidden Ice Melt in the Himalaya: Revealing the ’Invisible’ Glacier Loss Underwater
By Chinese Academy of Sciences A study by a multinational research team with the participation of Graz University of Technology shows that the actual mass loss of numerous glaciers in the Himalayas has been significantly underestimated so far. A new insightful study reveals that the mass loss of lake-terminating glaciers in the greater Himalaya has been significantly underestimated, due to the inability of satellites to see glacier changes occurring underwater, leading to critical implications for the region's future projection of glacier disappearance and water resources.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 29.03.2023
New edition of a classic: Decades-old turbulence theory updated
New edition of a classic: Decades-old turbulence theory updated
A correct representation of turbulence in the atmosphere is crucial for accurate weather forecasts and climate projections. However, the theory behind this is not only very old, but also not very representative, since it only applies to flat terrain. Innsbruck meteorologist Ivana Stiperski has now extended the theory on turbulence that has been in use since the 1950s.

Psychology - Art and Design - 29.03.2023
How people move in front of an art work can impact their experience
How people move in front of an art work can impact their experience
The objective measurement of the ways in which people move in front of art shows that there are four different groups that also report different art experiences. A recent study led by University of Vienna psychologists has shed light on the impact of viewers' movements and positioning when looking at art.

Physics - Electroengineering - 28.03.2023
Highly Charged Ions Melt Nano Gold Nuggets
Highly Charged Ions Melt Nano Gold Nuggets
Tiny structures made of gold can be specifically manipulated by ion bombardment at TU Wien (Vienna) - surprisingly, the decisive factor is not the force of the impact. Normally, we have to make a choice in physics: Either we deal with big things - such as a metal plate and its material properties, or with tiny things - such as individual atoms.

Health - Life Sciences - 28.03.2023
Vienna as the international research centre for ultrasound brain therapies
Medicine & Science In recent years, ultrasound brain therapies have gained importance worldwide and are considered a promising form of therapy for various neurological and psychiatric diseases. The Medical University of Vienna, together with the University of Toronto, plays a leading role in the development and research of applications for these new therapies.

Health - 27.03.2023
Intensive care incubators resonate sounds and risk damage to preterm infants’ hearing, scientists say
Medicine & Science Although the effects of a noisy environment in the neonatal intensive care unit have been studied before, the effect of the incubators preterm infants are housed in their first weeks/months of life in has not. A team of scientists from MedUni Vienna together with colleagues from Vienna, Hamburg, Munich and Osnabruck investigated, and found that while the incubators dampen some sounds, they amplify others, potentially damaging babies- hearing.

Pharmacology - Health - 27.03.2023
Hereditary angioedema: New drug being researched
Medicine & Science In the case of the rare genetic disease of hereditary angioedema (HAE), swelling occurs in one or more parts of the body without a recognisable trigger. An HAE attack can be life-threatening especially if the upper respiratory tract is affected. Active substances for on-demand medication are currently only available in the form of injections and transfusions.

Health - Pharmacology - 27.03.2023
Covid-19 vaccination fatigue on the rise: researchers analyse measures aimed at increasing booster uptake
Medicine & Science With vaccination fatigue growing and the emergence of new coronavirus variants a possibility, health officials face a potential challenge when it comes to encouraging the public to get regular boosters to protect them against Covid-19.