physics and nanotechnology

physics and nanotechnology

Physics - Astronomy - Aug 22
Physics - Astronomy
The theories of quantum mechanics and gravity are notorious for being incompatible, despite the efforts of scores of physicists over the past fifty years. However, recently an international team of researchers led by physicists from the University of Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as the University of Queensland (AUS) and the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) have combined the key elements of the two theories describing the flow of time and discovered that temporal order between events can exhibit genuine quantum features.
Physics - Innovation - Aug 19
Physics - Innovation

Austrian and Chinese scientists have succeeded in teleporting three-dimensional quantum states for the first time.

Physics - Materials Science - Aug 1
Physics - Materials Science

Ultradense arrays of magnetic quanta in high-temperature superconductors The properties of high-temperature superconductors can be tailored by the introduction of artificial defects.

Physics - Materials Science - Aug 13
Physics - Materials Science

Innovative new electron spectroscopy technique pushes the limits of Nanospectroscopy for materials design In order to understand advanced materials like graphene nanostructures and optimize them fo

Physics - Chemistry - Jul 25
Physics - Chemistry

Researchers try a trick for complete 3D analysis of submicron crystals The 3D analysis of crystal structures requires a full 3D view of the crystals.

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