physics and nanotechnology

physics and nanotechnology

Chemistry - Physics - May 19
Chemistry - Physics
Cutting-edge technology allows for real-time monitoring of biomineralisation as an important process of bone formation 21st century societal challenges such as demographic developments and an ageing population demand for new functional materials, such as for bone prostheses. Nature often serves as inspiration when designing these materials.
Physics - Materials Science - May 5
Physics - Materials Science

Using an ultra-thin gold layer, scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) succeeded in creating an almost optimal infrared absorber.

Physics - Materials Science - Apr 21
Physics - Materials Science

Rapidly cooling magnon particles proves a surprisingly effective way to create an elusive quantum state of matter, called a Bose-Einstein condensate.

Physics - Chemistry - Apr 27
Physics - Chemistry

Nickel is supposed to herald a new age of superconductivity - but this is proving more difficult than expected.

Astronomy - Physics - Apr 10
Astronomy - Physics

BRITE Constellation observes complete nova eruption for the first time Satellite images from the BRITE mission with the participation of researchers* from Graz University of Technology and the Univ

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