Earth Sciences - Environment - Feb 7, 2019
Earth Sciences - Environment
In order to understand the global carbon cycle, deep-sea exploration is essential, an international team led by geologists from Innsbruck concludes. For the first time, they succeeded in quantifying the amount of organic carbon transported into the deep sea by a single tectonic event, the giant Tohoku-oki earthquake in 2011.
Environment - Earth Sciences - Oct 24, 2018
Environment - Earth Sciences

350,000 years of climate history hidden in Devils Hole cave: Geologists from the University of Innsbruck study rainfall patterns in the distant past to better understand how deserts in the southwest United States will be impacted by future climate change.

Earth Sciences - Jan 30, 2018
Earth Sciences

Mud stories provide new insights in the seismic hazard along the Chilean subduction zone. By analyzing sediment cores from Chilean lakes, an international team of scientists discovered that giant earthquakes reoccur with relatively regular intervals.

Astronomy - Earth Sciences - Aug 31, 2018
Astronomy - Earth Sciences

The International Astronomical Union has agreed on a new reference frame for directions in space. TU Wien played an important role in developing this new frame.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Aug 18, 2014
Environment - Earth Sciences

By combining climate and glacier models, scientists headed by Ben Marzeion from the University of Innsbruck have found unambiguous evidence for anthropogenic glacier mass loss in recent decades.

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