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Architecture - Social Sciences - May 27
Architecture - Social Sciences
The current issue of the Graz Architecture Magazine (GAM) gathers together new collaborative living concepts under the title "gewohnt: un/common" and presents them for discussion as "rehearsal stages" for affordable living.
Social Sciences - Life Sciences - Jun 15, 2018
Social Sciences - Life Sciences

When are primary school children willing to share valuable resources with others and when are they not? A team of researchers from the University of Vienna lead by cognitive biologist Lisa Horn investigated this question in a controlled behavioural experiment.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - Sep 18, 2017
Social Sciences - Pedagogy

For a long time, a democratic society was considered self-evident. But globalization, economic crises, populist movements, social tensions and (inter-) cultural conflicts, as well as extremists, question them.

Social Sciences - Life Sciences - Jul 13, 2016
Social Sciences - Life Sciences

One of the benefits of living together is gaining new information from group members. Once a group member starts displaying a new behavior, this behavior frequently spreads to the rest of the group.

Architecture - Social Sciences - May 25, 2018
Architecture - Social Sciences

Whether in the sphere of architecture critique or on the market of speculative real estate investment, architecture is increasingly becoming the subject of global circulation.

Art and Design - Social Sciences - Nov 30, 2016
Art and Design - Social Sciences

Whether Peter Paul Rubens or Damien Hirst - the personal taste of art can be argued. Scientists from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Vienna have now shown that the individual taste of art is also dependent on social factors.

Social Sciences - Event - Mar 13, 2016
Social Sciences - Event

In Year of the Monkey, this year for the 18th time, the "China Know-How" Summer School will be held (12 August - 10 September, 2016).

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Social Sciences - 09.09
Universitätsassistent/in ohne Doktorat Universität Graz
Social Sciences - 09.09
Universitätsassistent/in ohne Dokorat Universität Graz
Pedagogy - 03.09
UniversitätsassistentIn - Laufbahnstelle Universität Innsbruck
Social Sciences - 15.06
Universitätsprofessur, für, Finanzrecht Universität Wien
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