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Psychology - Aug 30

In the case of boredom, we think of many situations in life but intuitively not of exams. However, an international team of academics led by Thomas Götz from the University of Vienna has now studied exactly this phenomenon of test boredom for the first time and found remarkable results. According to the study, school students are actually very bored during exams. The study also showed that utter boredom has a negative effect on exam results. The research results have been published recently in the Journal of Educational Psychology

Psychology - Aug 3

Man-made works of art, however, are viewed more positively. Computers and artificial intelligence (AI) are also becoming increasingly important in the art world. AI-generated artworks fetch millions at auction, and artists routinely use algorithms to generate aesthetic content. A team of scientists at the University of Vienna has now been able to show through experiments that, contrary to common assumptions, people perceive emotions and intentions when viewing art even if they know that the work was generated by a computer. The study was recently

Psychology - Aug 17

Heat waves are not only a threat to physical health, but also have negative effects on the psyche. Anxiety disorders and depression can be caused or aggravated by the enormous stress caused by prolonged temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. The likelihood of aggressive behaviour and fatigue both increase on high temperature days. In the light of the continuing rise in the number of hot days to up to 80 per year by the end of the century, the psychological consequences of the climate crisis should not be underestimated, appeals environmental physician Hans-Peter Hutter of MedUni Vienna.

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