Natural Sciences - Astronomy/Space Science

Astronomy - Apr 10
BRITE Constellation observes complete nova eruption for the first time Satellite images from the BRITE mission with the participation of researchers* from Graz University of Technology and the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna document for the first time the complete development of a nova - from eruption to maximum brightness and burn out.
Astronomy - Jan 7

Interconnected stellar nurseries form the largest gaseous structure ever observed in the Milky Way galaxy.

Astronomy - Sep 4, 2019

Researchers from European countries discuss life in the Universe at the University of Vienna

Physics - Oct 2, 2019

Is it possible to borrow energy from an empty space? And if yes, do we have to give it back? Energy values smaller than zero are allowed - at least within certain limits.

Physics - Aug 22, 2019

The theories of quantum mechanics and gravity are notorious for being incompatible, despite the efforts of scores of physicists over the past fifty years. However, recently an international team of researchers led by physicists from the University of Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as the University of Queensland (AUS) and the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) have combined the key elements of the two theories describing the flow of time and discovered that temporal order between events can exhibit genuine quantum features.

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