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Art and Design - Sep 13, 2017
Art and Design
Women rate photographs of male faces as more attractive and are more likely to date the men pictured when they have previously heard music. Moreover, highly arousing music led to the largest effect on sexual attraction. A team of psychologists led by Manuela Marin (University of Innsbruck) and Helmut Leder (University of Vienna) explains the significance of this finding in relation to the origins of music in their latest publication in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.
Art and Design - Nov 30, 2016
Art and Design

Whether Peter Paul Rubens or Damien Hirst - the personal taste of art can be argued. Scientists from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Vienna have now shown that the individual taste of art is also dependent on social factors.

Art and Design - Nov 12, 2015
Art and Design

When people are listening to music, their emotional reactions to the music are reflected in changes in their pupil size.

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