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Chemistry - Aug 5
What happens when you pull a DNA molecule? It behaves quite differently than we are used to from macroscopic objects. Scientists at TU Wien were now able to explain this.
Physics - Aug 3

How can you perforate an atomic layer of material and leave the one underneath intact? Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) developed a technique for processing surfaces on an atomic scale.

Chemistry - Jul 16

The chemist Noelia Barrabés from the TU Wien was awarded an Elise-Richter scholarship. She is conducting research in catalysis with ultra-small gold clusters.

Administration - Jul 9

The examination situation requires a lot of coordination. The last few months have been an example of the excellent cooperation between the different departments of our university. From a current perspective, it is not possible to predict what the situation will be like in the winter semester 2020.

Innovation - Jul 1

The Rector of Graz University of Technology will take over the presidency of TU Austria, the association of Austrian universities of technology, thus succeeding Sabine Seidler, Rector of Vienna University of Technology. The priorities for the next 12 months are digitalisation, sustainability and climate protection.

Environment - Jul 23

A major international research project led by TU Wien (Vienna) shows for the first time that flooding characteristics in recent decades are unlike those of previous centuries

Materials Science - Jul 13
Materials Science

For a long time, something important has been neglected in electronics: If you want to make electronic components smaller and smaller, you also need the right insulator materials.

Chemistry - Jul 8

To fully exploit the potential of the "wonder material" graphene, it has to be combined with other materials. A new study investigates what is important for this.

Physics - Jun 18

A particularly well-ordered kind of laser light can be created by turbulence, which is usually responsible for very disordered phenomena.

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