Walk the Talk: Putting Words Into Action

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Fotonachweis: Pixabay.com (shoes-946714_1920)

Fotonachweis: Pixabay.com (shoes-946714_1920)

WALK THE TALK is a campaign by the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS), in cooperation with its sustainability initiative "PLUS Green Campus" and its members of "Scientists for Future".

The days of well-meaning speeches are behind us. We all know that. Action is needed to counter climate change and environmental destruction with all our being, to lay the foundations for a future worth living. Instead of words, action is required on these three levels:

A university like the PLUS needs and aims to address all three. It also has a legal mandate to do so (UOG 2002, §1).

EMAS and S4F

EMAS (Eco management and audit scheme) is the environmental management programme of the PLUS. It is based on an EU regulation, which the PLUS joined voluntarily. Measurable goals to lower its environmental impact are set by the University every year, and these are regularly monitored by external audits. These activities, and the subsequent reduction in CO2 emissions, are detailed in the annual environmental statement, the Umwelterklärung.

The Scientists for Future (S4F) at the PLUS belong to a national and international group of people with backgrounds in all scientific disciplines. S4F’s mission is to achieve a science-based climate policy on all levels - socially, technically, culturally, as well as for our private lives - and to support society as a whole, including politicians.

The S4F develop strategies for teaching and research at the PLUS, and issues statements on achieving climate and sustainability goals, which can later be referred to by politicians and climate protection organisations.

How "green" is your contribution to sustainability?

The WALK THE TALK campaign this winter semester aims to bring our individual dedication to the cause into the limelight. After all, this depends on all of us. Let’s discover a future-friendly lifestyle together, with the "side effects" of better health, more money in our back pockets and (as scientifically proven) better well-being! Sustainable indulgence without sacrifice! Are you in?

Nutrition and Consumption

Over the next few weeks, the following selected examples will show how we can all contribute to sustainability and environmental protection - especially in terms of nutrition and consumption:

  • Members of the Rectorate will be taking part in a sustainability challenge,
  • students will be telling us about their "green" footprint for a better future and
  • Scientists for Future will be informing us on their research.

Let us surprise and inspire you. Together we can make a huge difference!

  • Authors: Thomas M. Weiger, Isabella Uhl-Hädicke, Lara Leik (PLUS Green Campus & S4F) I Translation: Leonie Young
  • Contact: plusgreencampus@sbg.ac.at
  • Campaign coordination: plusdesk@sbg.ac.at

Photo Credit: Kay Müller, PLUS

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