Target agreement 2025-2033 for the partnership-based management of University Hospital Vienna signed by the federal government and the province of Vienna

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Bild: MedUni Wien/Hollunder
Bild: MedUni Wien/Hollunder

On Thursday, Science and Research Minister Martin Polaschek and Finance Minister Magnus Brunner, together with Vienna City Councillors Peter Hacker and Peter Hanke, signed the 2025 to 2033 target management agreement between the Republic of Austria and the City of Vienna. This continues the joint management and long-term financing and further development of University Hospital Vienna /Medical University of Vienna in the interests of high-quality healthcare, patient safety and the promotion of medical research and teaching.

"On the basis of the cooperation agreement between the Medical University of Vienna and the City of Vienna, which has been in place since 2016, we have succeeded in placing University Hospital Vienna ("Universitätsklinikum AKH Wien") among the top 25 hospitals worldwide in the Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals ranking," explains Markus Müller, Rector of MedUni Vienna. "The agreement signed today underscores AKH’s position as a leading Austrian and international institution in research, teaching and patient care, and guarantees that patients will receive top-level international care until 2033."

In addition to the basic budgetary agreement on the financial flows within the framework of the cooperation at the University Hospital Vienna until 2033 and maintaining the performance figures at the current high level, the commitment to supra-regional care and national end competence of the AKH as the most important Austrian central hospital was renewed. The issues of target staffing levels in the area of nursing, reducing the workload of medical staff and the reduction of contingent cases were also mutually agreed. With regard to study places, the increase of 66 study places already agreed with the BMBWF in 2021, and thus a total of 2,000 places per year throughout Austria by 2029, remains in place.