’One Button’ - Endless Possibilities: New Learning Studio at FH Salzburg

© FH Salzburg/wildbild
© FH Salzburg/wildbild
New at FH Salzburg: The innovative and automated Didactics and Learning Technologies Studio (DLT Studio) is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Teachers, lecturers, staff and students can now use the DLT Studio at the Urstein campus. The five stations in the studio offer various options for producing high-quality teaching content - in a simple and effective way.

The new DLT Studio makes the creation of multimedia teaching content easier than ever before. Thanks to the "one-button" principle, recording can begin with just one click. Five stations are available: From a professional studio setting with green screen to the Learning Glass and a classic workstation. It is also possible to record podcasts or screencasts with the graphics board. The user can switch between the stations during recording and thus combine different formats.

The DLT Studio is a strong sign for the future of teaching and the support of new didactic concepts. FH Salzburg Rector and Managing Director Dominik Engel: "With our new Learning Studio and its professional equipment, we are at the cutting edge of technology. With these possibilities, we can further develop teaching and learning concepts and implement new didactic concepts. We enrich our face-to-face teaching with the innovative online content developed in the DLT Studio. This allows students to prepare well in advance and use the face-to-face lessons to clarify any unanswered questions."

Easy use and good usability were at the forefront of the design. "Even people with no prior technical knowledge can utilise the full potential of the studio," explains project manager Lionel Aßhauer. The team from the Didactics and Learning Technologies department provides support in using and recording the studio so that special requirements can be catered for.

Dynamic learning environments

The main aim of the studio is the simple creation of teaching content. Above all, there are areas of application for dynamic learning environments, such as in the concept of the "inverted classroom": here, "traditional" teaching is reversed: students work through the basics independently using digital learning materials such as videos or online modules. The valuable classroom time is then used for in-depth discussions, practical applications and individual support, making learning more effective and interactive.

The studio can be used by all teaching staff and FH Salzburg employees from all departments as well as by students as part of teaching-related projects.