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Health - Jun 18
Antidepressant treatment, not only depression per se, can lead to reductions in behavioral and neural responses to pain empathy Depression is a disorder that often comes along with strong impairments of social functioning. Until recently, researchers assumed that acute episodes of depression also impair empathy, an essential skill for successful social interactions and understanding others.
Psychology - May 20

Raven observers show emotional contagion with raven demonstrators experiencing an unpleasant affect To effectively navigate the social world, we need information about each other's emotions.

Health - May 14

Researchers discover new factor influencing the spread of Legionella When people fall ill from bacterial infection, the first priority is to treat the disease.

Selected Jobs
Computer Science/Telecom - 20.08
Senior Bioinformatics Scientist (Protein Bioinformatics) (m/f/d) Molecular Health GmbH
Life Sciences - 19.08
Head of Genomics Technology Development Team EMBL, Heidelberg
Life Sciences - 13.08
Scientific Officer in Genomics Technology Development EMBL, Heidelberg
Life Sciences - 22.08
UniversitätsassistentIn - Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
Pharmacology - 22.08
Senior Lecturer ohne Doktorat Universität Innsbruck
Life Sciences - 07.08
UniversitätsassistentIn - Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
Health - 06.08
Senior Manufacturing Engineer (m/w) Technische Universität Wien
Health - 06.08
Research Engineer (m/f) Technische Universität Wien
Health - 01.08
Technische/r bzw. medizinisch-technische/r AssistentIn - Geflügelmedizin Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien
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