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Politics - Business - Aug 22, 2017
Politics - Business
Andreas Dür is a political scientist at the University of Salzburg. He is involved in a project financed by the European Research Council (ERC) on the question of power in economic negotiations. Freihandelsabkommen werden überall auf der Welt geschlossen und betreffen Zölle, geistige Eigentumsrechte, Standards zu Umwelt und Arbeitsrecht, das Wettbewerbsrecht und Investitionen.
Event - Business - Jun 14, 2016
Event - Business

The short film "Innovation through Cooperation" shows the research of the Christian Doppler Laboratory of the University of Salzburg in cooperation with international companies, on biosimilar characterization.

Business - Environment - Mar 21, 2016
Business - Environment

Europe's rivers could be used to transport goods much more efficiently. In order to do this, however, the existing international regulations would have to be implemented consistently.

Sport - Business - Jun 8, 2016
Sport - Business

A computer simulation created at TU Wien (Vienna) predicts the results of the group stage of the Euro 2016: France, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium and Austria are predicted to win all three group stage matches, Italy will not make it to the next round.

Social Sciences - Business - Mar 6, 2016
Social Sciences - Business

There is a constant increase in crises, with which the European Union is increasingly overwhelmed: after the financial and economic crisis increases as a result of the refugee situation, solidarity breaks in the EU.

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